Real Estate Builders

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TeamBee for Real Estate Builders

Easy management of collected data

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This is how your business operates

  • You are a property builder coming up with some projects in your area
  • You have to create a business associate network
  • You need to manage payouts of diverse business associates
  • You run a cold calling centre to generate leads
  • You need to manage targets Vs achievements for your team
  • Payment reminders are vital
  • Maintenance of realties is necessary
  • You need to carry out promotional activities

Problems it solves for you

  • Complete control over sales funnel
  • Gain insight into expenses incurred in advertising
  • Receive quick updates of issues encountered on field
  • Easy management of collected data
  • Maintain easy record of warm and hot leads
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    How it is beneficial for your team

    • Ensure quick access to qualitative and quantitative data
    • Set reminders for payments and meetings
    • Assign job and share data with your on-field employees with ease