Manufacturing Organization

manufacturing organizations

TeamBee for Manufacturing organizations

Easy capture, management and control over clients’ data through mobile forms

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This is how your business operates

  • You are a manufacturing company fabricating diverse category of products
  • You need to periodically assess target Vs achievement ratio
  • Maintaining track of orders lost is one of the vital parts of your job
  • You are required to collect and organize data of dealers
  • Setting yearly target is necessary for you to ensure business success
  • You need to analyze daily reports to gain insight into how your business is performing
  • Tracking clients’ issues and resolving them is necessary for you
  • You have to keep record of number of manufactured products sold through dealers
  • You need to monitor data coming from different team members and departments
  • Staying up-to-date with competitors’ market price trends is essential for you
  • You have to stay well-informed of hot and warm leads
  • You often organize stage shows and demos to promote your products

Problems it solves for you

  • Easy capture, management and control over clients’ data through mobile forms
  • Ensure instant updates from on-field employees
  • Notify different departments of new client to handle sales effectively
  • Quick and hassle-free process to gather dealers’ details
  • Easy access to extensive information saved
  • Manage data accumulated during promotional activities with ease
  • Eliminate time-consuming paperwork as you switch to mobile forms
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How it is beneficial for your team

  • Entrepreneurs can have access to qualitative and quantitative data instantly at any point of time
  • Reminders for meetings with dealers can be easily set
  • Employees from different departments can instantly update the Admin and their colleagues of recent activities