Industrial Training Institutes

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TeamBee for Industrial Training Institutes

Get rid of laborious paperwork and the need to maintain paper records as digital forms

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This is how your business operates

  • You are an industrial training institute covering different technical training modules
  • Your target customers are colleges
  • You have to keep track of different training institutes you wish to visit to drive student admissions
  • You have to frequently evaluate qualitative and quantitative data
  • You need to approach different students and gather their data for future reference
  • Your team has to maintain and sort collected data efficiently so as to ensure easy access to information of targeted students
  • You have to regularly update forms post each admission
  • You need to maintain record of field activities

Problems it solves for you

  • Know the date, time and location of your employees with geo-tagging feature
  • Get rid of laborious paperwork and the need to maintain paper records as digital forms streamline the process of storing collected data
  • Savor flexibility in updating all or selected form fields in no time
  • Eliminate data entry errors as conditional logic and required fields ensure that precise data is entered every time and in accurate format
  • Send and share completed forms with other professionals in a format they accept
  • Easy access to the option of evaluating qualitative and quantitative data
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How it is beneficial for your team

  • Entrepreneurs using the app can see analytic view of data
  • Team members of diverse organizations can easily update visit records in no time
  • App users can set reminders for meetings with potential valuable clients