Coaching Centers

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TeamBee for Coaching Centres

Manage your students and their cash flow ledger

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This is how your business operates

  • You are a coaching centre offering courses like JEE, AIPMT, CAT, Physics, Chemistry, Maths or Biology .
  • Your target customers are schools and colleges, where you emphasize on getting leads from, and maintaining their records is vital part of your job.
  • Your sales and marketing team need to visit diverse educational institutes to conduct tests.
  • Your professionals are required to shortlist potential students and gather their details.
  • Your team has to efficiently manage and sort accumulated data for future reference.
  • You need to update gathered information regularly and keep record of success rate.
  • You require daily analysis of activities happening on the field
  • Keeping an eye on quantitative and qualitative data is the key to your success.

Problems it solves for you

  • You can create as many digital forms as you want to collect students’ data
  • You can access 1-click invite feature to permit members of your sales team to join your account and edit the forms as per your needs
  • You can update the forms instantly from the field, so there is no need to deal with the hassles of maintaining paper records for future reference
  • You can get rid of spreadsheet based reporting with authentic mobile reporting
  • The Geo-tagging feature empowers you to know the location of your sales team
  • This handy tool allows efficient management of hot and warm leads
  • Offers dashboard for qualitative and quantitative analysis of data
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How it is beneficial for your team

  • This easy to use application allows its users to see analytic view of data
  • App users can set reminders for important meetings with potential clients
  • Business personnel can instantly update visit records in front of their clients