Choose TeamBee as your perfect partner
to go paperless

TeamBee offers paperless approach to capture data that acts as a powerful tool when it comes to taking vital business decisions. We aim at making qualitative and quantitative analysis of data as easy as possible since we know it paves way for quick and better decision making, ultimately enhancing business productivity. We make certain to deliver coherent solutions to our valuable customers, in terms of cost and technology.


Why should you partner with TeamBee?


Getting into partnership with TeamBee offers you the benefits mentioned hereinafter

  • Access to TeamBee solutions for diverse business verticals
  • Training for your employees
  • Support services

What are the benefits of becoming TeamBee partner?


Being partner with TeamBee comes with diverse benefits that help gain competitive edge and boost business productivity, including:

  • Special incentives
  • Training and technical support
  • Acknowledgement in list of partners
  • Logo display on TeamBee website
  • TeamBee partner logo to exhibit on your properties

Choose your partnership type


Aiming at customer satisfaction, we cater state-of-the-art solutions to match the expectations of our prestigious customers and are always open to collaboration. By initiating TeamBee partnership program, we allow the organizations to collectively work with our team members and provide all that is difficult to deliver alone. Getting into partnership with us offers you a chance to embed our solution into your application. Doing so, you can deliver improved solution for data collection and analytics to your customers. As OEM partner, you can access information related to new product or feature release. Additionally, training and technical support is available.




As an industry influencer, you deliver critical information, including the benefits of mobile forms to your valuable customers. Being a dependable advisor, you are an individual your customers look up to in order to seek guidance on choosing the most suitable tools and solutions to mobilize workflow. Having used TeamBee, you are well versed with how the product simplifies business processes and you provide same solution to your customers, helping them go paperless, perform seamless business operations and enhance overall productivity. You have access to information concerned with new feature release. Every time you suggest your customers to use TeamBee, your recommendation is appreciated and rewarded.




As TeamBee reseller, you operate as a direct channel to our customers and sell our product solution to them, helping them reduce their paper clutter, while establishing and maintaining strong brand presence and market reputation. Our real time information associated with new feature release keeps you up-to-date with our most recent offerings. Incentive programs are available.


System Integrator


Playing your role as a System Integrator, you can benefit from cheaper and off the shelf solutions for data capture and intelligence, as opposed to costly implementations that might need original programming. Our advanced solutions to mobilize business workflow can help you proffer paperless means to manage business operations, something almost every entrepreneur indubitably looks for. This in turn will aid you outperform your competitors. The TeamBee partnership program provides you with necessary support, tools and information to become successful in your venture. Being a System Integrator, you are offered access to new feature release information, along with training and technical guidance that can help optimize business opportunities. Additionally, you would be rewarded with incentives when our solutions are integrated within yours.