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Mobile Based Attendance

Track even remote employees with mobile-based attendance solution

Does keeping track of employees’ whereabouts seem challenging to you? If yes, it won’t be anymore as TeamBee application offers reliable mobile-based attendance solution that tells accurate time-in, time-out of the employees while automatically computing total working hours spent on daily jobs by each team member. This can really be beneficial, especially when employees are paid on hourly basis. It does not matter whether the employees are in office or at some distant location, the real time dashboard empowers the entrepreneurs to stay on top of total number of hours spent by each worker. And, the best part about this module is attendance once marked gets freeze up and no tempering is allowed.

So, say goodbye to paper-based attendance records and embrace smarter mobile solution.

Mobile Based Tracking

Stay well-informed about your employees’ whereabouts with mobile tracking solution.

Managing mobile workforce is often deemed challenging for both small-scale and large-scale businesses. But thanks to the real time tracking solution proffered by Teambee, it won’t be the same anymore. Gaining insight into whereabouts of field employees is as easy as pie. In addition to monitoring current position of workers, users can keep a tab on previous location of any employee by simply sorting the data date-wise. Once the information is filtered, flexibility to choose between Export PDF and Export Excel option offers an enhanced way to analyze and manage records.

So, it does not matter where you are, you can always stay on top of your remote employees’ location.

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