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The Hitch

A common problem faced by majority business personnel is capturing and maintaining large amount of data through conventional means. When talking about on-field employees, they are expected to return to office for reporting the issues and submitting collected data for further processing. This not only leads to increased paperwork, but also poses difficulty in data entry, along with error-prone data input and delay in decision making.

The Solution

Teambee is web admin driven mobile reporting solution that comes with easy-to-use functionality. This web based application streamlines your daily operations by converting them into easy to understand reports. The app can be customized to any business and makes an ideal solution for diverse verticals. Since internet connection is not necessary to fetch data or report anything, TeamBee gives you the power to carry out uninterrupted business operations.

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drive quick3

Drive quick business decisions with qualitative and quantitative analysis of sales data

TeamBee offers a dashboard to intuitively analyze qualitative and quantitative data. The app allows the admin to browse through the data collected during specific time period, converting it into graphs and charts, helping in quick decision making.

Go mobile go paperless

TeamBee empowers the admin to create mobile forms which can be easily shared with the employees based on business requirements. TeamBee is an analytic tool that allows hassle-free data capture. With an easy to use interface, you can manage interlinking of the forms, for an instance, state can be selected based on the country chosen and city can be selected on the basis of the state.

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empower your team

Empower your team with data analysis

TeamBee helps augment the productivity of your organization. It is easy for the app to add or delete number of users from the system without losing any past data or affecting current data quality.

Simplifying the process of business reporting

When it comes to submitting reports, the app takes you through an easy reporting process wherein the data is submitted to main control pannel in real time. As an admin, you can seamlessly assign and transfer data to your team members’ systems with set of predefined permissions.

simplifying the process
img real time update

Stay notified with real time updates

As an admin, you can focus on your task, without being concerned about the updates. You need not run after your employees to gain insight into ongoing activities since TeamBee offers GPS enabled reporting instantly from the field.