Yes, it is easy to track sales leads

Being a business owner, you certainly would be well versed with the need for sales leads management. A better insight into your hot and warm leads not only helps you convert them into your customers, but also influences the success of your business.

Usually, it is believed that keeping track of sales leads is not an easy task. Once you know your target audience, there is a need to maintain complete record of how many people have been reached till now, collecting feedback from each. After all, what is to be done next depends on the feedback acquired.

Well, if you are concerned about successful management of sales data, TeamBee offers you a reason to smile. This application empowering easy mobile form building enables you to capture sales data anytime, anywhere. Once the forms are complete, they can be shared with team members of all or selected departments. Not only this, any changes made in the form are automatically updated and employees having access to the same form view modified version of it.

Creating sales forms with TeamBee is as simple as clicking a button. You need not be adept at coding to get your hands on form creation. The text fields and radio buttons make the job easy for you.

No matter if you are backed by extensive sales data. Tracking the leads is still easy with data sorting option. For an instance, if you wish to produce sales report based on past one month's leads generated, TeamBee enables you to access data collected during that time frame only.

So, do not let the sales management process take a toll on your business. Count on TeamBee and let the application help you in keeping better track of sales leads.