Understanding state-of-the-art features of mobile forms

The concept of converting paper forms to mobile forms is not new to businesses. Being well versed with the fact that collecting data through digital forms and then submitting them in real time offers business benefits, many companies have already switched to mobile forms and are gaining advantages of advanced mobile form features.

The other way round, people who have not yet joined the paperless revolution believe that the benefits of mobile forms are limited to maintaining paperless records only. However there is lot more to it.

Yes, I mean it. There are diverse features that come equipped in the mobile forms, including the ones mentioned below.


Owing to this feature, business managers can know what their on-field employees are doing. Receiving geo-tagged forms from their employees, they can provide proof of service to their customers. A reliable mobile form solution records the location and time when the form is filled. This not only offers form accuracy, but also enables the companies to build record of all on-the-go activities.

Tailored form building

Different companies function in a different way. Then why should all mobile forms be same? The mobile solution you choose should enable you to create customizable forms so that you can accumulate different sorts of data. Whether you need to create company specific time-sheet or any other form for data collection, a dependable mobile solution enables creation of forms that are not only comprehensive, but simple as well. Thus, you can savor the flexibility to build forms as per your needs.

Image capture

At times when your employees need to travel to places for business purpose, it becomes necessary to know the exact travel expenses they incurred. Mobile forms offer the advantage of easy image upload attribute. Using this feature, your employees can take and upload picture of meter reading at the start of the journey and one after it has been finished. This helps you know what you have to pay from your pocket is genuine amount.

TeamBee, an online form building application comes with all these advanced features that not only simplify the business processes for you, but also enable you to be sure of precise and timely operations being carried out within your organization.