This is how TeamBee garners higher ROI for your business

Targeting abbreviated expenses and quicker returns has been an age old priority for all business types. However, the ongoing digital revolution could achieve it through two of the most cost effective tools; handheld devices and the Cloud. TeamBee inherits the best from both and puts itself upfront amongst the most business friendly reporting applications today. Introduced as a full scale SaaS app, TeamBee lets you commence mobile reporting vertical effectively.

Below is the glimpse at some of the lucrative features it garners for your business.

Instant access to data

A mobile reporting tool on cloud ensures quicker access to information from a centralized base. Thus, your team doesn’t have to retreat back to the office or call upon subordinates to fetch specific data at run time. The Cloud tool is usually integrated with other modules. Lesser time in acquiring information results into faster sales processes.

Easy to deploy and maintain

TeamBee, being a full scale cloud mobile reporting application cuts down on your maintenance budget by more than 80%.Though it could be claimed for any app over a web services portal but lesser resources that go into maintaining Cloud apps on mobile platforms directly influence the expenses and ultimately the Return on Investment. It also reflects at the end level when profits against expenses are reported.

Abbreviates escalation rate

If a customer can buy everything online with a few taps, he would expect similar responses to queries made. Longer turnaround times and delays can’t be afforded anymore. TeamBee helps access such updates and get responsive in a timely manner. Thus, helps cut down on escalation rates and meets customer satisfaction. Also, the vendor enjoys instant notifications about customer information.

Enhancing service consultant’s efficiency

Around 50% of the issues are left unresolved because the technical agent is found entangling with primitive and slow user interfaces, disconnected systems and lack of coordination amongst modules to share information. TeamBee is incepted out of lightweight developments that make the UI more responsive, fast and durable. Everything could be done through the mobile interface from anywhere.

Easily customizable

TeamBee can be customized according to extempore business requirements on the spot. An Administrator can create n number of fields stapled with conditional inputs. Plus, multiple forms could be integrated. TeamBee efficiently syncs into the end user requirement with no technical skill set needed.

If you haven’t incarnated your presence onto mobile-cloud pair yet, you are at loss!