Notify your team members of your activities

As an entrepreneur, it is vital for you to keep your team members informed about the recent activities or operations taking place in the organization to keep your business moving as expected. At times while you have to share information related to the events that have already occured, the other moment you have to assign new data and job responsibilities to your employees. This is when the need for an app that can streamline the entire process is inevitable since traditional method of informing the team members of ongoing activities is not only time-consuming, but is intimidating as well.

TeamBee is a web admin driven application that helps easy conversion of paper forms into mobile forms. The business manager can control which devices are to be attached to the account, the forms that can be accessed by each employee and can also directly transfer mobile forms to targeted devices.

Below mentioned are a few things you can be sure of as a business manager after using the mobile power of TeamBee:

Share forms with detailed permissions

Post transformation of paper forms into mobile forms, the admin holds the power of sharing detailed permissions in addition to the forms. These set of permissions state how a form can be accessed by a team member. The admin can choose to share the same form with two different individuals and with different set of permissions. For an instance, the warehouse team might have the power to create inventory forms, while on the other hand, the field team could only read these forms.

Create notifications

Do you need to send a notification regarding urgent meeting to all your departments or about a client complaint to a specific department? If yes, TeamBee is your perfect companion. By simply entering a few chunks of data, you, as a business manager, can inform your employees of the same, expecting quick reponse to your action. No matter whether your team members are in the office or on the field, Teambee informs each of your employees about current updates. One business area can inform the other about the latest deal so that the latter begins to work on taking care of the new client.

TeamBee comes with an easy to use functionality and can serve different business verticals. Regardless of the size and nature of your organization, the app can be customized to meet your business needs. With the deployment of the app, you can quickly and easily notify your professionals of business operations, keeping them up-to-date, ensuring rapid completion of jobs and successful accomplishment of business objectives.