Monitor presence of remote employees with mobile-based attendance solution

Certainly, when your employees are in the field, monitoring their presence is a bit challenging. Even if they claim to be present at the job site, there is no way to make certain that they are actually there, especially with conventional paper-based approach. Additionally, attendance marked on paper bits can be easily lost and in such a scenario, you are left with no option to make out how many hours your employees have worked.


Fortunately, TeamBee mobile-based attendance serves as a perfect solution to all these problems. It does not matter how far your employees are. You can always stay on top of their attendance records. As the time-in and time-out fields are filled, it is easy to compute total working hours of employees. This is something enormously crucial, particularly when your workers are paid on hourly basis. You can be sure that you are paying your employees for what they have served.


Another enticing thing about Teambee mobile-based solution is that once the attendance is marked, it freezes. No tempering is allowed. Your team members cannot manipulate their entry and exit time as per their convenience later.


The easy to use dashboard offers real time tracking solution, enabling access to each record right away after it is entered. Also, distance does not stop you from staying informed about your employees' presence at job site. It is easy to access automatically updated attendance records anytime, anywhere.


This mobile data collection app can not only facilitate data capture process, but can also provide you with simplified and streamlined ways to gain insight into the working hours of your employees.


So, embrace mobile-based attendance solution and supervise your team members from any corner of the world.