Mobilize business workflow to gain competitive edge

Mobile form solutions come with plentiful benefits for organizations that employ them. Indubitably,  every company has to do paperwork, whether more or less. There are certain employees who spend half, at times more than half, of their time collecting, managing and searching for paper forms or other paper reports that can easily go missing. Instead of working on ways to improve business performance, team members are more concerned about completing pending paperwork. Imagine the labor cost, time and efforts spent on the same. Would not a solution like mobile forms, which simplify the process of collecting, organizing, sharing and analyzing data, be of great help to businesses?

Certainly, it will. For an organization using online mobile form builders, processes such as data capture, managing mobile workforce, data intelligence and lot others become much more streamlined. Business managers can set reminders, ensure multiple follow-ups, receive real time updates from field employees, stay on top of tasks performed by team members, including those in the field.

In addition, the real time tracking solution empowers the managers to know the location of employees and gain insight into when and where the form has been submitted. Since no additional device is needed to manage all these tasks, just a smart phone serves all the needs, entrepreneurs can rest assured of managing business processes while on the go.

TeamBee, a smart mobile form building application, is configured to successfully meet the needs of all businesses. From data collection and submission to data analytics and management, the app helps with all this and more. Drag and drop option allows easy creation of mobile forms, without any requirement for knowledge of coding. The app works offline, which means it is possible to collect data even in the absence of reliable net connection. Information captured gets stored in the phone and is automatically updated when network connectivity is available.

As TeamBee mobile forms eliminate tedious paperwork, expediting and simplifying business processes, employees can focus on improving business productivity and delivering enhanced user services, which ultimately helps an organization to stay ahead of the competition.