Mobile forms: Simplifying processes for industrial training institutes

Being an industrial training institute, you have to maintain records of diverse educational institutes you might visit to drive student admissions. It is hard to deny that the time spent on paperwork cannot be spent on anything else. Although data collection is a necessity for any organization, it does not mean an individual has to rely on paper and pen to collect the same, especially when mobile forms offer a far efficient, quick and hassle-free solution to accumulate data.

Include the fields required in the form through simple drag and drop option. Once the form is created, you can begin collecting data right away. Owing to systematic organization of captured information, it can be easily accessed.

While paying visit to educational institutes, you have to gather information of students approached for future reference. Maintaining a separate paper form for each student can be laborious and intimidating. Moreover, the chances of data entry errors and missed paper forms are always there. This is when mobile forms come into play. Eliminating the need to carry paper and pen, mobile forms empower its users to collect as much information as required. Stored on the cloud, data is easy to manage. Furthermore, chances of missed information are also reduced.

It often gets difficult for business managers to make out whether or not the field employees are performing assigned duties. Managing mobile workflow also seems to be a challenge. But thanks to mobile forms, it is no more a hassle. The smart phone tracking solution helps the managers to know the location and time of form submission.

TeamBee, an online form building app for industrial training institute can successfully help your  institute to go paperless. From collecting and sharing data to maintaining record of field activities, the application can assist you with varied business processes, simplifying them for you. So, wait no more. Go paperless with TeamBee and boost your business productivity.