Mobile forms: Perfect partner for HR executives

Be it hiring new employees or maintaining their record, there is lot that is to be taken care of by HR executives. When talking about the former, mobile forms make the process significantly easy. Seamless creation of forms enables the HR executives to maintain data of potential employees.

Say for instance, you are an IT company and have received applications for job openings in your organization, out of which 2 are for PHP department, 5 for  Designing department and 4 for QA department. It is easy for the HR to segment data as per the departments. This not only ensures better data management, but also makes it convenient for the HR itself to contact the applicants. Imagine your company has assigned a separate day for conducting interviews for each department. Monday is for Designing Department. If information of all employees is stored in one folder, HR needs to make extra efforts to find contact details of employees who applied for the same post prior to contacting them. Conversely, creating a single mobile form for each department simplifies the process to a great extent. Just access the form and make calls to the applicants.

Once first round of interviews has been conducted, HR executives can again create forms to remember the performance of applicants for future rounds. A separate form for each employee makes the job easy.

Collecting and accessing data becomes easy for HR with mobile forms. Many of you would now say that even computers can help in the same. Of course they can. But, what if the information is lost after the hard disk crashes?

Mobile forms are the solution to this. However, not all mobile forms are same. Prior to zeroing on to any form, ensure it can serve your purpose, like TeamBee can. This data collection app lets you create as many forms as you need, enabling you to manage your data a better way. Whether you need to organize employee database or inform your workers about a particular event, all can be conveniently done with TeamBee.