Mobile forms: Making a positive difference to transportation companies

For any organization, data is crucial to reach a decision. Indubitably, it is vital to be vigilant while collecting data, but spending large amount of time on the process does not guarantee precise data capture. Moreover, when you run a transport business wherein your company needs to collect enormous data on daily basis, is it not viable to look for a better alternative to paper and pen?

Rather than maintaining a separate paper document for each job or for collecting vital information, will it not be convenient to use a single tool that helps you with most of your business operations?

Well, mobile forms exactly do the same. Easy to create, even without the knowledge of coding, mobile forms are transforming the way processes are carried out in a transportation company.

Know the location and time of delivery

When you need to stay on top of deliveries, mobile forms make an ideal solution. Owing to the geo-tagging feature, it is easy to know when and where the form is submitted. Every time your field employees make a delivery, submission of geo-tagged form will help you ensure that the product is delivered at a right place on time.

Assign job to field employees

In a transportation company where there are multiple field employees, assigning jobs and managing the workflow can often be challenging. But, thanks to mobile forms, it is no more a hassle. Simply create a mobile form and share it with your field employee. The process will not take more than 5 minutes.

Receive real time data

Rather than waiting for your fleet to return to office, receive real time updates from field employees and put field data to work. Imagine how convenient it becomes when one of your field members, who has captured some crucial data from remote location, can share it with you right away, enabling you to take quick business decisions.

Generate invoices instantly

Once you have received product delivery information from your field employees, you can begin generating invoices right away, without having to wait for your employees to drop by the office. Owing to smart phone reporting solution, business processes expedite and are more easy to manage.

If you are a transportation company who has still not experienced the benefits of mobile forms, choose TeamBee to go paperless. This data collection app empowers the transportation firms to manage field personnel and data more efficiently. Access captured information from anywhere at any point of time, enhance preciseness of reporting, share collected information through cloud service and eliminate chances of missed information.