Mobile forms helping the education industry

Reducing paper clutter, mobile forms help the professionals to mobilize their workflow. Thanks to these forms, the teachers need not maintain and organize students' paper records. Not only the teachers, mobile forms have benefited the administration department as well. Following are a few points that describe how mobile forms are helping the education industry.

Maintain student registers

Teachers or lecturers are often found maintaining attendance registers. A large part of their time is spent on the same. When one register is filled, another is to be maintained. This requires copying entire student records from one register to the other one. The process is certainly annoying. But, no more with mobile forms. Enabling you to maintain student registers, mobile forms have eliminated the need for maintaining paper records. Hassles such as maintaining new register when the previous one is filled also do not exist.

Manage school/college supplies

Managing school/college supplies is one of the most tedious jobs. It usually requires maintaining multiple paper documents to keep track of items available or out of stock. One missed document means the figures are altered. Fortunately, mobile forms simplify the process. Easy to create, they can be used to collect as much information as you want. Possibilities of missed or inaccurate data collection are also reduced. Captured data is stored on cloud and can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

Instant field trip reports

At an event when field trips are organized, mobile forms serve an ideal option to maintain list of all the students and staff members who will be traveling. Additionally, the faculty members can generate instant field trip reports and submit them to higher authority in school or college. Owing to mobile reporting solutions, those in the educational institute can know everything is going on smooth and as planned.

Bus records

A school or college has multiple buses that follow a particular route and drop children from school/college to home and vice versa. It is important to maintain record of which bus follows which route and drops how many children, including their names and address. This is when mobile forms can help. Easily create a separate form for each bus and include students' information. Updating mobile forms is as easy as pie. So every time a student quits bus facility or no more travels through a bus for some other reason, it is convenient to update the form.

Being an educational institute, you can count on TeamBee, an online form building application, to  automate your processes. The app helps with all this and lot more. Besides easy data collection and management, TeamBee helps you set reminders, share real time updates from field, submit geo-tagged mobile forms and analyze data in a better way. The app is designed to work offline as well, so you need not necessarily have net connection to collect data.