Mobile forms: A boon to health care industry

Though usually considered a solution to go paperless by many, mobile forms are a great tool to do lot more. Easy to build, they are ideal for use in all organizations. Health care industry, being no exception, can equally benefit from these forms.

Be it a receptionist, a nurse or someone responsible for handling records, all have to do their part of paperwork. Even the doctors are seen indulged into maintaining paper documents. Even though it would be hard to believe for many, doctors spend twice as much time on paperwork as compared to patients. Owing to lengthy paperwork, professionals are restricted from concentrating on their core job. This is when mobile forms prove to be a boon to health care industry.

Simplifying data collection, organization, sharing and analysis, these forms play a major role in cutting down the paper clutter.

When it comes to maintaining patients' records, get over the hassles of capturing data on paper bits. In fact, create your own customizable mobile forms and get going. Inserting or deleting data is easy and so is the way any changes are made. Reduce the chances of missed information and data entry errors at the time of data capture. Maintaining patient's information through mobile forms offers an opportunity to access the same when and where required.

Likewise, maintaining database of health care staff is also easy with mobile forms. Department wise  forms can be created to capture information of doctors, nurses, pharmacists, laboratory technicians and other individuals working in a hospital.

Often, doctors need to share patient's details with other doctors for their opinion. Rather than transferring a paper record, it is more convenient and efficient to use mobile forms to share the information. Data exchange can happen right away once a mobile form has been created. Moreover, sharing a form does not require an individual to physically transfer it from one place to another. Real time access to patient's information can help the doctors to proceed with their job immediately.

Thanks to mobile forms, when patients register for doctor visits online while staying at their home or workplace, doctors can know well in advance which patients to expect and when. This saves time of both doctors and patients. Processes can be more scheduled and organized.

If you are a health care centre, TeamBee, a mobile data collection app can really benefit you. From quick and efficient data collection to seamless data access, the app offers it all. Successfully turning your most paper-based processes into paperless, the app saves your time. With no more pending paperwork or paper records to maintain, you can offer better service and treatment to your patients.