How spreadsheets limit your business efficiency

Large data capture, distribution, analysis, to name a few, are the tasks that are difficult to perform with spreadsheets. When large data is collected, the task to input it into the sheet is intimidating and time-consuming at the same time. Despite significant efforts to input precise information, data entry errors are more likely to affect the quality of data captured.

Sharing information with departments through spreadsheets means additional efforts are required on the part of person in charge. The time spent on sorting through spreadsheets to trace required information and then collecting them all to transfer to different departments is usually large, especially when feedback, ideas and other requirements are stored in separate files. Moreover, there is no way to relate these files to each other. It is due to this reason only that data analytics is challenging with spreadsheets. Since entire information is not available in an organized form at one place, patterns are difficult to understand and hence is data intelligence.

What is a solution to all this?

Mobile forms, Yes, they serve an ideal solution to all the problems that collecting data through spreadsheets bring along. An online form building application like TeamBee empowers the users to create customizable mobile forms as per business requirements, facilitating data capture process.

It does not matter whether your employees have to capture small data or more detailed information, whether they are in office or at some remote location, whether they are within reliable network connectivity or not, smooth, well-organized and uninterrupted collection of data is all that can be ensured. Validation rules applicable on mobile forms help in accumulation of accurate information in acceptable format. Data exchange between departments is as easy as a pie. Since entire information related to a particular job is stored at one place, you need not gather the same prior to sharing it with respective employees.

Furthermore, as data can be submitted right away from anywhere, results can be analyzed in real time. Option to create pie charts and graphs, based on data captured, simplify data analysis. Businesses can analyze ongoing trends and their operations in a better way to make future decisions. Real time tracking solution helps gain clear knowledge of when, where and by whom the form has been submitted.

Mobile forms not only expedite data capture process, but also help you manage, share and analyze captured information in an enhanced way. So, rely no more on spreadsheets and augment the way you manage your workflow and workforce with TeamBee mobile forms.