How mobile forms simplify jobs for food brokers

Yes, it is true. Mobile forms are rapidly emerging as a reliable solution to manage business processes while eliminating the need for paperwork. From maintaining record of availability of products to assigning jobs to field staff, these forms can help you with most of your business processes.

If asked, how do you transfer information collected in retail stores to your head office, many of you would say, through paper records. The data is first collected on paper and is then taken to head office for further processing. Imagine the time wasted on traveling between retail store and head office. Additionally, extra efforts and time are also spent on transcribing collected data.

Well, mobile forms have the potential to streamline the process. Create your customizable mobile forms, collect required data and share them with person in charge in head office. Not only traveling time and cost are reduced, employees can take quick business decisions, owing to real time access to data.

Usually, tasks related to data entry are too laborious. Long hours spent on inserting data into machines can lead to data entry errors. Fortunately, it is not the case with mobile forms. Pre-defined rules set for a form help in accurate data collection. Every time you input something wrong, an error message will be displayed.

Following traditional paper-based approach, it often gets challenging to generate reports. Gathering all necessary paper bits, organizing similar type of data and then transcribing it- you have to do all this prior to beginning with the report generation. But not with mobile forms. After the data is collected through them, it is ready for use. You can begin creating reports right away, instantly sharing them with all those who need to analyze them. Smart phone reporting enables you to report from anywhere at any point of time.

After the need for spending long hours on pending paperwork is eliminated, it becomes easy to concentrate on core activities. Besides, with more organized workflow, business productivity is more likely to improve.

TeamBee, a great mobile data collection app, is configured to simplify business processes for all food brokers. Easy and quick data collection, real time updates, insight into location of field employees, hassle-free data analytics and quick decision-making are a few good reasons this app offers you to go online. Once you employ TeamBee, you are sure to find it hard to go back to paper forms.