How mobile forms can help security companies

Easy to create, mobile forms offer lot more than simply being a solution to go paperless. Data analytics and reporting are few other remarkable solutions offered by these forms that contribute in increased business productivity. When used  by security companies, mobile forms can be extremely useful in managing the activities more effectively.

Receive incident reports quick

Often, security team or an individual has to create incident reports, providing information concerning what happened, when, why and where. It can be really annoying to make a rough report and then copy the same information onto another paper bit all over again to generate a final version of it, which is then submitted to the higher authority.

Well, mobile forms streamline the process. No need to record the information on papers. In fact, your field employees can create customizable mobile forms that can be instantly shared from anywhere, anytime. Owing to smartphone reporting solutions, you can right away take necessary actions.  

Know what your team is up to

When your security team is on the field, it usually gets challenging to know its exact location and what the members are doing. But, thanks to the geo-tagging feature of mobile forms, you can now gain better insight into the location of your team.

If your employees say that are patrolling a particular area, you can make certain that they are actually there. Mobile forms, thus help in better management of mobile workforce.

Share information while on the go

Being a security company, you always have to stay active no matter what. You need to keep your employees up-to-date. This requires instant sharing of information, which at times cannot be possible while you are on the go.

Fortunately, mobile forms eliminate this hassle. It is easy to share crucial information with any number of employees with just a few clicks. Be it a list of important operations that are to be performed or detailed information related to an activity, it is convenient to share every bit of information through mobile forms, even while traveling.

TeamBee is a dependable data collection app configured to address common needs of a security company. Create as many mobile forms as required, that too without any knowledge of coding, send and receive real time updates, convert captured data into pie charts and graphs, analyze data a better way and do lot more. Enabling you to go paperless, the app helps you enhance overall productivity of your company.