How mobile forms are simplifying processes for sales companies

Well, thanks to mobile forms that have changed the way data is collected, organized and processed. They serve as a faster, efficient and more reliable alternative to paper forms. Whether the employees need to conduct a survey or maintain record of product deliveries, mobile forms are making the job lot easier for sales companies. Discussed below are the points that explain how exactly the processes are simplified.

Management insight

An inevitable need for sales managers is to monitor sales data so as to take crucial decisions and gain competitive edge. Often, when field employees are assigned the job to collect data, managers have no other option, but to wait for them to return to office to put field data to work. However, mobile forms have helped overcome this roadblock. Once the data is collected, it can be immediately sent to the managers right from any remote location. Mobile data collection thus allows the managers to gain insight into real time updates and take decisions right away.


Frequent variations in sales trend lead to changes in inventory, survey and other forms for data collection. This is when paper forms become obsolete. On a better part, mobile forms never become outdated as easy and quick changes are always possible with them, that too without any programming. Drag and drop options allow seamless insertion of new fields as per new requirements. Similarly, fields not required anymore can be easily removed. Any changes made are instantly and automatically updated for all users, regardless of the platform or device being used.

Improved productivity

When using mobile forms, logic can be applied to hide unwanted fields. An individual need not remember to send notifications to team members or sales partners since they can be automatically triggered using pre-determined business rules. Not only this, mobile forms capable of working even without network connectivity enable users to capture data irrespective of their location. Thus, uninterrupted data collection and the time saved due to elimination of the need to transfer data from papers to computer help the employees to emphasize on delivering better solutions to customers and improve business productivity.

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