How mobile forms are revolutionizing processes for insurance companies?

Be it handling new insurance applications, domestic or commercial claims or generating invoices on claims, insurance companies are surrounded by plenty of paperwork. Information collected from field has to be re-typed in the office. Any changes in insurance procedures and new requirements cannot always be immediately communicated to field employees. Even though some companies have switched to laptops to cut down the paper clutter, they are not easy to use on the go and do not necessarily enhance the workflow.

Mobile forms have however changed the game. An easy option to create mobile forms has not only enabled the employees to capture data more quick, but use of rules and conditions allows accurate and complete data capture. Say for instance, you have marked a field as “Mandatory”. Unless the data has been inserted into it, the form will not submit. In fact, an error message is displayed  that helps you know what went wrong.

Being in an insurance company, you have to fill multiple new forms for clients on daily basis, maintain records and handle policy renewals. With mobile forms, all this is as easy as counting one, two, three. For a fact most mobile forms store information on the cloud, the data can be easily accessed and fetched when required. The hassles of storing and managing large piles of paper forms are eliminated.

Imagine that you have to access data of one of your policyholders. What if the paper form that was used to capture the information is misplaced or is lost in paper clutter? The large amount of time and efforts spent on searching that missing form can otherwise be utilized on developing clientele and delivering more improved services. With mobile forms, you need not worry about losing your information.

As far as informing the policyholders about renewals is concerned, mobile data collection solution has simplified the process to a great extent. Once you are aware of the clients who are to be informed about the same, you can access the “Reminder” feature to create reminders for them and rest assured that the information is conveyed on time.

A reliable mobile form solution like TeamBee is configured to meet your business needs. Agile technology empowers creation of as many customizable forms as you require. The real time tracking solution helps you know the location of your employees. The option to keep all your team members on a single page allows quick communication of any changes, even to the employees at distant locations. Since TeamBee mobile forms come with offline technology, you can keep your field employees running even without net connection.

So, wait no more. If you have still not employed a mobile solution in your insurance firm, choose TeamBee as your partner and get ready to experience a positive change in your business workflow.