Going beyond simple mobile forms

Empowering you to mobilize your workflow, smart mobile forms make business processes even more efficient. Apart from data accumulation, there is lot more that these forms have to offer. Below mentioned are a few features that justify the same.

Job dispatch

Simple forms may enable you to assign jobs to your employees, but they usually fail to customize the way these tasks are allotted. You might require to assign specific job to particular department only. For instance, you need to allot the job of resolving customer complaints to customer care department. When such is the case, advanced mobile forms come with the flexibility of being shared with chosen departments only.

Validation rules

Validation rules enable tracking of errors or any missing information before the form is finally submitted. Unlike simple mobile forms that usually are equipped with basic validation rule, that is mandatory field, smart forms allow you to set up tailored logic that prevents form submission in case data is not inserted in precise format. Adding numeric value that does not meet pre-defined minimum and maximum range can be one such condition.

Tailored notifications

Often, the need to inform team members about certain event or some important piece of information is realized in an organization. The smart forms however cater an intelligent solution to it by allowing you to send notifications to your employees. What makes them different from simple forms is the flexibility to send message to selected departments. Say for example, you need to inform the team members of a Designing department about project's deadline, you can do so in seconds by sending a notification.

Now that you know how smart mobile forms can help mobilize your business rather than simply replacing paper, you may be looking for one such solution. Well, TeamBee is what you can trust. This mobile data collection app comes with all these advanced features, simplifying business processes for you.