Go mobile to efficiently manage your work orders

Eliminating the need for following lengthy and time-consuming paper-based approach to create work orders, mobile forms offer quick and more simplified way to inform field employees about new jobs. Creating work orders using these forms is as easy as one, two, three. Once the work orders are created using the easy drag and drop feature of mobile forms, business managers can share them with field employees right away, notifying them about what needs to be performed next.

When it comes to assigning mobile work orders, managers can be certain that these are allotted to right employees. Unlike paper work orders, which can be easily assigned to wrong individuals, further leading to delay in workflow, mobile work orders can be conveniently reviewed and assigned. This helps ensure that right job is allotted to right individual and managers can be sure of quick results.

Once the work order has been completed, field employees can instantly submit its updated version to business managers in back office. Imagine how valuable these mobile reporting solutions would be when it comes to generating invoices.

Going mobile means you have access to accurate information in right format. Mobile work orders  allow faster assignment, submission and reporting. Collecting necessary information is convenient and straight forward.

In order to ensure hassle-free experience while creating and assigning work orders, go paperless with TeamBee. This online form building application is backed by features, including real time reporting and tracking, immediate submission of updates, better data intelligence, which altogether provide you with enhanced ways to organize your work orders. By choosing TeamBee as your business partner, you can rest assured of better management of your mobile workforce, ultimately enhancing the way your business performs.