Geo-tagged forms now at your fingertips

Jack is a business manager in a real estate firm that follows traditional approach to carry out business operations. He has control over the tasks performed by the team members in office premises and on the field. While it is easy for him to keep an eye on what his office employees are doing, unfortunately the same does not hold true for on-field team members as well. There is no way he can make out that the employees are actually where they are claiming to be and are carrying out assigned job responsibilities.

Fortunately, TeamBee allows you to prevent yourself from facing the same problems like Jack. When your employees are in the field and it is vital to know where they are or where they have been, this application lets you ensure the same. Equipped with geo-tagging feature that is integrated with Google Maps, TeamBee makes it easy for you to know the location of each of your employees.  

Every time a form is submitted by your team members, TeamBee automatically tags the location of submission for future reference. This serves a beneficial feature for all the businesses carried out in the field.

So, don't be Jack the next time you assign a job to your employee to visit a place in order to collect data or to resolve a customer complaint. Use TeamBee and be rest assured that the job is actually being performed.