Gain financial benefits by switching to mobile forms

There is no secret to it that mobile processes are relatively more swift than paper processes and speeding up business workflow is what all entrepreneurs desire for, regardless of nature and size of business. Unfortunately, a common fallacy restricting many business executives from deploying mobile form solution is its high cost. It is believed by many that introducing mobile forms in an organization incorporates big budget.

However, this is certainly not true. In fact, mobile forms bring  along significant financial benefits by offering cost savings.

No need for new devices

Thanks to state-of-the-art technology used for designing online form building application, data capture and submission can be achieved through an array of mobile devices, including tablets and smartphones with iOS, Windows, Blackberry or Android operating system. Organizations need not buy a specific type of mobile device to begin collecting information. Employees can continue using their very own devices for the same.  

Data entry costs eliminated

Every time some data is collected through mobile forms, it is manually entered into the back office system of an organization. Imagine the labor costs and time spent on the same. Had it been used on right business processes, chances of increased ROI would have improved.

Now, think about collecting as much data as needed, eliminating the need to transcribe it. Consider the significant cost and time saved during the process. Is it not worth to invest in mobile solution, especially when it is one-time investment whereas you can save data entry costs each time data is collected.

Cut down other paper costs

Usually, the extra costs related to paper forms are overlooked. Field employees need to travel back all the way to the office to submit data collected through paper bits. This results in unnecessary fuel costs and commute labor hours. This is not all. Paper and ink costs add up to increase additional paper expenses.

Many entrepreneurs are also fear that switching to mobile forms would be challenging for their employees who have always relied on paper forms to perform business operations. However, the truth is that mobile forms can be completely deployed in days, depending on business needs. And with app like TeamBee, even the not-so tech-savvy employees can seamlessly manage mobile processes.

Knowledge of coding is not necessary for anyone to create mobile forms with TeamBee. Drag and drop options simplify the process. Once the data is collected, it can be instantly shared with other employees. Not only this, the forms are location and time-stamped, so one can easily know when and from where the form has been submitted. TeamBee thus makes an ideal smart phone tracking and reporting solution that helps in efficient management of mobile workforce. Streamlining lengthy process of data intelligence, it allows the business managers to take quick decisions that can help boost business productivity, ultimately increasing financial benefits.