From paper forms to mobile forms

Considering the fact, mobile forms facilitate data capture process, accelerating the same, a large number of industries, including small-scale and large-scale, have transformed the way their processes are carried out. Earlier using paper forms and pens to capture, share and manage data, they have now picked mobile forms as their partner to carry out business operations.

What changes are experienced after the switch?

Well, companies are now able to save their time and efforts which were otherwise spent on tedious paperwork. No more hassles of organizing paper bits and concern about losing information if the documents are lost, have enabled entrepreneurs and their employees to concentrate on their core job.

When it comes to collecting information, the process has become more streamlined and quick. Employees need not carry paper forms and pens along. A smart phone with mobile data collection app is enough to do that. It does not matter if the employees are in the office or in the field, mobile forms have offered a simplified way of data capture. Whether information related to a single customer has to be collected or a survey has to be conducted, businesses possess the capability to capture well-organized, complete and error-free data with mobile forms.

Gone are the days when field employees had to travel back to office to submit information. Today, after employing mobile-based solution, they can submit data to professionals in the office right away. With real time access to well-organized information, businesses are able to take quick decisions. Additionally, real time tracking solution has helped employers to manage their mobile workforce in a better way.

Mobile forms have provided businesses with better data integrity, instant access to easily generated reports and ability to build intelligence over data, ultimately leading to increased efficiency.

To make the most of mobile forms, choose TeamBee as your reliable partner. It allows easy creation of  customizable mobile forms, facilitating data capture. Apart from quick reporting solutions and geo-tagging feature to monitor employees' location, the app proffers the option to convert data into pie charts and graphs, simplifying the process of data intelligence. With all this and more, the app serves more than a solution to go paperless.

So, if you have not yet experienced the power of mobile forms, replace your legacy paper forms with TeamBee mobile forms and enhance your business workflow.