Don’t lose sight of your business meetings

Reminders, Yes, these are indubitably one of the best things benefiting the businesses.

Alice works as a Personal Assistant in an IT firm and one of her job responsibilities include maintaining record of when and at what time meetings with clients are scheduled. She knows if she fails to remember even a single meeting, it can cost her and the company big. So, she makes use of reminders and this helps her inform her boss about forthcoming client meetings well in advance.  

Once set, reminders consistently inform respective business personnel about an upcoming event. No matter whether you have one or more meetings a day, you can easily set reminders and be rest assured that you are not missing out anything.

Today, as the world is swayed away by the digital revolution and businesses are using mobile forms to mange their operations, developers are offering an option to set reminders in mobile forms itself.

TeamBee is one such data collection app that allows you to set multiple reminders on mobile forms, making it easy for you to keep record of important meetings and other business activities. You only need to choose the form to set a reminder and once set, it appears on the dashboard. So, every time you log in to your account or redirect to the dashboard, you can stay informed about scheduled events.