Don’t let distance be a roadblock to manage your mobile workforce

Tom, who operates as a business manager usually had to deal with issues every time his team member traveled to a place to carry out vital corporate operations. From assigning jobs to staying up-to-date with on-going tasks, his job required him to ensure everything goes smooth. But, the entire process often became intimidating for him, especially when he had to receive updates from multiple team members scattered at different distant locations.

Serving as a barrier, distance often restricted him from directing his workforce and acquiring immediate information from field employees. This not only delayed decision making, but also hampered business performance. Tom had tough time being a business manager until he switched to mobile forms.

Besides eliminating the need for paperwork, mobile forms play major role in simplifying business operations. Be it assigning job to one or more team members or receiving updates from them, everything happens with just a few clicks. It does not matter whether an individual is in an area with no network connectivity. Data once collected is automatically updated when a person comes within the range of reliable network connection.

Owing to mobile forms, Tom benefited from smart phone reporting solutions and can now receive real time updates from his field employees, putting field data to work right away. He is backed by a solution to synchronize the jobs in a better way.

If you too need to manage business operations, don't experience the hassles that Tom had faced. Rely on TeamBee, an app that does more than turning you paperless. Thanks to its real time tracking solution, distance will no longer be a blockade to manage mobile staff.