Do you wish to share your mobile forms with selected departments only?

Business information is crucial and you cannot share it with every individual. In other case, when your company has different departments and information to share, it is viable to share it with the ones that actually need it for carrying out necessary business operations and decision-making. Forwarding it to other business departments might not serve any purpose.

You may now wonder if there is any way to follow the same approach to share data and information while going paperless. Well, TeamBee is your answer.

This data intelligence app empowers you to control which departments will be viewing the information. As you create a form to capture data, you are asked to choose the departments to which the form will be visible. You can select one or more options based on your needs.

For an instance, you create a Sales form to capture potential customers' data to gain better insight into hot and warm leads. Now, this information is necessary for Sales and Marketing department but might be of no use to the Bidding department. You can give true meaning to the data captured by allowing only Sales and Marketing departments to view the form. This feature also serves the security purpose by not making the form accessible to everyone.

So, as you go on to build your mobile forms next time with TeamBee, you know you have the option to cater access to chosen departments only.