Bid farewell to incomplete, imprecise paper forms

Regardless of the size and nature of business, organizations usually ask their customers or clients to fill paper forms. Since these paper bits come with no particular input format, companies often end up collecting incomplete or inaccurate forms. For a fact, it can ultimately take toll on business, there is a need to find a reliable alternative to paper forms.

The best possible forms are those that allow the users to identify their mistakes and fix them in a seamless way. They should display an error message to let the users know when information in wrong format is filled out or an individual tries to submit an incomplete form.

Well, mobile forms perfectly match this criteria. Not only do they enable precise data collection, but also help gather complete information. An easy way to set rules such as “Mandatory Field” prevents incomplete submission of mobile forms.

Imagine that a sales company conducts a survey to analyze current sales trends. The data collected through forms is enormously crucial for them since future business decisions are taken based on that. What if most of the questions in paper forms are left unanswered by majority people? Certainly, the company would not be able to ensure accurate decision making. On the contrary, mobile surveys can help overcome this challenge.

Furthermore, the rules set on particular fields of mobile forms allow data collection in predetermined format. For example, for any question if the answer is a numeric value, rules can be set to ensure that no character or special character is accepted by the field. If a user inputs anything other than a digit, an error is displayed, preventing submission of a form.

Data is vital for any organization since future business decisions are influenced by it. Thus, it should be as precise as possible. TeamBee, an online data collection app, empowers its users to capture complete, precise and well-organized data. Easy and pocket-friendly to use, TeamBee offers many good reasons to say goodbye to paper forms.