Are you still relying on paper forms to collect and manage data?

If yes, you might be spending large amount of time to capture single piece of information.

Say for instance, conducting survey is vital part of your job. The entire process would get so laborious and time-consuiming with paper forms that you might often not be able to reach desired results on time.

Carrying large bundles of forms to the field and managing paper bits require additional efforts and workforce. Besides, no matter how hard an individual tries to capture precise and complete data, chances of inaccurate and partial data collection always exist, especially when information from multiple people is to be collected. This ultimately poses difficulty in decision making.

The hassles do not end here. After the data has been collected, you might have to use a separate tool to build reports. Yet another tool might be required for data intelligence. Utilizing a new tool for every different business process can be really tiresome in itself.

What if a single tool can take care of data collection, management and analysis? What if you need not manage paper documents anymore? What if your business workflow is mobilized? The benefits your business would experience will be manifold.

TeamBee, a mobile data collection application, is helping businesses to enjoy true benefits of going paperless. Allowing easy creation of mobile forms for hassle-free collection of data anytime, anywhere, it not only eliminates the need for maintaining paper documents, but also enables instant access to information captured.

The single tool is powerful enough to help you with diverse business processes. After the data has been accumulated, it can be conveniently accessed, shared and managed. If you need to analyze data accumulated during certain time period, the app allows you to gain better insight into it. When it comes to generating business reports, TeamBee has it covered.

Not only this, the app comes with an attribute that makes data intelligence easy. The option to convert data into pie charts and graphs helps in quick as well as more-informed decision making. Many of you may now wonder that the process might be lengthy or demanding. Well, to your surprise, it is as simple as pie. Select the form, the field, the type of graphical representation, that is, pie chart or graph and you are done.

TeamBee makes an ideal option to collect data, while saving significant time and money. No matter  whether you are tech-savvy or not so technologically-advanced, this data intelligence app is easy to use for all.

So, don't let pending paperwork take toll on your business anymore. Switch to TeamBee and increase the chances of improved business productivity.