An organization with mobile forms

Smooth data collection, real time updates, instant access to information captured, hassle-free reporting, better data analytics are a few benefits you are missing, but an organization deploying mobile forms is certainly enjoying.

Yes, you read it right. In addition to eliminating tedious paperwork, mobile forms proffer plentiful other advantages that are helping the businesses to work more efficiently. When it comes to data collection, entrepreneurs can create as many mobile forms as required. There is no need to carry large piles of papers to capture information. Only a smart phone or tablet serves the purpose.

Access to forms is easily controlled by the business manager. It is convenient to organize forms into groups, based on departments or any other criteria. Managers can have separate mobile forms for field employees, sales team, management team and so on.

An online form building application like TeamBee instantly updates mobile devices with latest versions of forms, documents and lists. The actual time and location of each form submission can be easily tracked through geo-tagging feature. Besides, validation rules enable the businesses to gather precise and complete information. Real time updates coming from distant employees and access to error-free as well as complete information empower managers to take quick decisions.

For a fact, business managers or the other person in charge has complete control to share forms and decide upon who among the team members can access mobile forms, data security is guaranteed. While paper forms can be easily lost, businesses rest assured of not losing captured information with mobile forms since every bit of information collected is stored in the cloud, from where it can be accessed anytime, even while on the go.

There is no secret to it that data plays a crucial role in decision-making. Companies count on accumulated data to reach certain decisions. The easier it is to analyze data, the better the chances of right decision making are. Since data captured through mobile forms is well-organized and can be sorted according to date, data intelligence is convenient and offers better results. Business managers have the capability to seamlessly determine patterns, make decisions based on them and implement any changes required.

Real time tracking solution, automatic time stamps, picture upload option, drop down lists and reminders- TeamBee mobile application has multitude of features to help organizations mobilize their workflow and collect data in a better way.

The time, money, labor costs and efforts saved while performing business processes using mobile forms are significant. So, if you have still not gone paperless, go the mobile way to experience what the organizations that have switched to mobile forms are experiencing.